A huge selection of Polish brides-for-hire in sham wedding scandal

A huge selection of Polish brides-for-hire in sham wedding scandal

Sunday Mirror investigation reveals unlawful immigrant scam

It took a simply simply click of a mouse then a couple of email messages and our sham wedding was ukrainian girls dating sites put up. enabling ­another ­illegal ­immigrant in which to stay great britain.

Posing as being A polish girl hopeless for cash, our ­reporter was offered ?1,600 to travel to London to marry, then return house – leaving her groom liberated to live here legitimately.

Our Sunday Mirror investigation today ­exposes the scale associated with the scam, run by UK-based gangs whom join women that are willing blatant ­internet advertisements.

The gangs rake in a lot of money as a result of guidelines which allow those that have sneaked to the national nation from beyond your EU live, work and claim advantages right here when they marry somebody by having an EU passport.

Our research shows the Tory-led ­Government is failing woefully to stop the increasing wide range of illegal immigrants from nations such as for instance Nigeria, Pakistan and Morocco residing from the state. Moreover it raises­concerns that are serious terrorists to be able to run right here.

Our reporter searched the world wide web for “marry a foreigner for cash” and within a couple of presses ended up being web page that is reading web web page of “buy-a-bride” demands and ads on internet discussion boards, chatrooms and internet sites.

On a single, A polish guy calling himself Marcin had posted: “Women desired for wedding agreement in England. We cover get back flight, board and accommodation(very good).”

Posing as being a 23-year-old unemployed Polish woman called Katarzyna, our reporter emailed London-based Marcin saying: “I am in a ­difficult financial predicament and discovered your advert. I will be keen to marry a foreigner.”

Marcin quickly responded: “Write exactly exactly just how old are you currently, just exactly how good your English is and whether you’ve got a legitimate passport.”

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