Colorblind: interracial love in Southern Africa

Colorblind: interracial love in Southern Africa

Under apartheid, dating across racial lines had been prohibited for legal reasons. One fourth of a hundred years later on, Southern Africa nevertheless struggles to welcome young interracial partners into the rainbow country. Sertan Sanderson reports.

A couple that is young straight straight down Cape Town’s stylish Bree Street underneath the temperature of this January sunlight. They ooze the sort of self- self- confidence that is typical associated with the vacation period of any relationship. You see a world of tenderness between them, and when they kiss it is almost an act of innocence when they hold hands.

But there are several which may wish to rain on the parade, those that glare and stare at their union in very nearly a feeling of disbelief. A gay couple, but they’re also an interracial couple because, not only are Dries Grobler and Brolin Meyer. Even in Cape Town, Southern Africa’s many liberal town, their love pushes boundaries right now.

“We have lots of appearance, but see on the other hand I do not understand can it be because we are homosexual or perhaps is it…” – Dries does not also complete their phrase. The 31-year-old IT analyst does not also desire to state the “R” term.

Dries Grobler and Brolin Meyer came across at Cape Town’s Pride parties in 2018 february

Their partner Brolin, nevertheless, is much more accustomed being conscious of race dilemmas and racism. Continue reading “Colorblind: interracial love in Southern Africa”