Exactly About But I Am Not Into Asian Men …”

Exactly About But I Am Not Into Asian Men …”

“Wow, he’s actually not so bad looking – for an Asian guy, ” one white woman chimed. “I don’t know…” a different one droned. “I’ve never ever been interested in Asian dudes. ”

We craned my throat, looking for the thing of these conversation but failing continually to notice him from the ocean of bobbing minds. Therefore alternatively, we switched my look back into my phone. Back at my lock display had been a picture of a girl that is white an Asian child – me and my boyfriend.

Several days before, my boyfriend texted to inform me personally about Steve Harvey’s many current comedy that is embarrassing, where he joked about a guide en en titled Simple tips to Date a White girl: a Practical Guide for Asian guys. After a few momemts of quiet, body-heaving laughter, Harvey looked to the group on their American talk show, both asking and responding to like asian men? No. For them, “Excuse me personally, would you”

But i prefer Asian men – hence Jason, my present Vietnamese-American boyfriend. Evidently in Western culture, the concept of a woman that is non-asian an Asian guy appealing is laughable. While stereotypes depicting Asian males as emasculate, nerdy, and otherwise unsexy tend to be exploited for comedy purposes (think: little penis jokes), they usually have real-world implications: dating choice research has revealed that Asian guys are considered minimal desirable competition among non-Asian ladies.

It really blows my brain that some individuals therefore wholeheartedly believe in these stereotypes, as my experience with Jason has broken each one of them.

Within the existence of my Jason, certainly one of my closest buddies had explained that she could not date an Asian man because – she lowered her vocals and motioned along with her arms at this time – “they have actually tiny dicks”. Continue reading “Exactly About But I Am Not Into Asian Men …””